Alejandro Betancourt’s Efforts in Advancing Hawkers to Become a Global Fashion Venture

Hawkers was created to render designer, high-end and fashionable sunglasses that are affordable to as many people as possible. Therefore, this fashion brand resonated with the followers accordingly. Hawkers experienced outrageous victory in Spain, but later certain losses were accrued to the point of consulting Alejandro Betancourt Lopez for advanced leadership of the company.

After that, this fashion brand rebounded its fortunes because his leadership raised Hawkers’ standards into a global one. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez alongside other investors raised approximately 50M Euros to bolster the agency and have a robust top core leadership with Nacho Puig hired as the CEO to supervise the daily activities alongside business advancement.

The firm had already realized perfect explorations in Spain; therefore, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez expanded its distribution to North America, Asia as well as Europe. Alejandro later raised this investment with some more money, making him the largest shareholder.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez retaliated that setbacks should not make one relent in their quest for a better life. Even when challenges happen, one should keep moving because the failures do not matter, the important thing is how one rises again to know more click here.

Hawkers has been advancing for several years since its inception, and currently, it enjoys about 200 workers and main offices in cities like Los Angeles, Elche, Hong Kong, Mexico City as well as Barcelona.

Alejandro Betancourt’s tenure at the firm got the company moving at a higher speed because over 50 nations globally knew it with sales approximated to be 4.5 million. Therefore, this venture has risen bars higher than the initial revenue ratings when Alex Moreno, as well as Caleb Garrett, were starting.

This fashion brand was quick to exploit digital marketing in Facebook advertising. They relied on Facebook campaigns to boost their fame as well as the sales volume. This firm enjoys a greater following on this social media platform; thus, relying on it for distribution.