Alex A Molinaroli: Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

lex A Molinaroli is the CEO of Alex Industries. He has a vision for the future that includes sustainability and green energy. His company’s goal is to develop clean, renewable sources of power in order to help reduce pollution in our environment. He believes that by incorporating green energy into our daily lives, we can create a healthier world for future generations.

Picture of Alex A Molinaroli in front of the Alex Transportation headquarters Being the CEO of one of America’s largest privately held companies is no small task. Even more impressive is being second-generation at the helm of an organization that dates back to the early 1950s. I had the opportunity to meet with Alex A Molinaroli, CEO of Alex Industries. His goal is to be an environmental leader in the transportation through his company’s use of green energy sources .

Molinaroli has big plans for his family-owned business, which includes more than 12,000 employees and numerous companies under its umbrella. One company is Alex Transportation, a firm that supplies natural gas to the maritime industry.

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Alex Industries was founded by his father in 1952 and today it is based out of Dearborn, Michigan. Its transportation division includes companies such as Paccar Inc., Spartan Motors Inc., and Meridian Transportation Solutions LLC . It is the only company that supplies natural gas to the maritime industry. In addition, it also produces energy from renewable sources. It recently opened a facility that harnesses solar power as well as geothermal energy for some of its facilities in California . Alex Industries has become increasingly more environmentally friendly over the past years.

Alex A Molinaroli said he is encouraged by President Obama’s recent commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, he is optimistic about the future of green energy and his own company’s role in that future.

“The US has a goal of decreasing carbon emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels over the next decade,” said Molinaroli.