Dr Barry Lall Success Story

Doctors and hoteliers have do not have a lot in common. A doctor must attend law school while the hotelier has to get their skills from a business school. Doctors deal with patients, and hoteliers attend to guests at the hotels. When judging these two professions, it is easy to say that the doctor has a rewarding career. Dr Barry Lall, a renowned executive in the United States has done a great job in the hotel industry. The doctor takes care of his patients while running several hotels. Lall dreamt about becoming an entrepreneur since childhood. The talented professional started his career by going to medical school. Later on, he began his entrepreneurial journey.

Dr Barry Lall believes that taking care of his hotels is similar to taking care of a patient. The guests coming to his hotels want to receive the best services and treatment, just like the patients visiting his hospital. The professional enjoys his jobs, and he always looks forward to making a difference in the lives of people. Dr Barry Lall was born in Nyasaland, Africa. His little village did not have any modern luxuries such as running water and electricity.

Barry’s father worked as a teacher. When Barry was a teenager, the family relocated to Zambia for business. The family began a clothing business in Zambia. Dr Barry Lall helped his father to run the clothing store. This exposure to business helped Lall to understand the basics of the industry. The young man loved the freedom brought by entrepreneurship. His father, however, encouraged him to pursue a career that was always in demand in the corporate world. Barry attended medical school in England and Scotland. The executive moved to the United States for his internship. The entrepreneur got into the hotel industry after his internship. The Pinnacle Hotels have grown significantly under the leadership of Dr Barry Lall.

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