James Gutierrez, the FinTech Entrepreneur Discusses the Future of Inclusive Finance

James Gutierrez is a collective entrepreneur who dwells more on transformative fiscal services technologies as well as comprehension in the lending sector. James Gutierrez via his expatriate businesses has strengthened his exposure to render ingress into liquidity for the disadvantaged people.

Gutierrez partnered in establishing Insikt Ventures, a capital fund worth $5 million that deals with Series A businesses in consumer and fintech products. James Gutierrez also co-initiated Progreso Financiero, now called Oportun to offer non-collateral loans to consumers with limited or no credit ratings. Therefore, the company has since then rendered over $1,5 billion to about half a million US citizens since inception.

James Gutierrez sits on various boards of organizations and offers his professionalism to advance certain social justice operations. James also takes charge of advisory duties in the institutions, and also acts in the vice-chair capacity of a famous leadership group.

James also co-authored the state and federal laws that were meant to augment the access to safer and affordable loans. James Gutierrez is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, and even a VC investor who is breaking barriers to open up opportunities for others.

He is focused on evolving and catapulting the lending business and offering financial wellness chances to marginalized groups. James was interviewed a few moments ago and he discussed his inspirations, the comprehensive banking industry, and even what the future holds for him.

In his entire career, James has prioritized opportunity and inclusivity in every company’s theme, and he will implement them now and in future experiences. He even cited the presidential altercations as well as the general discourse in the nation, he felt that the two competing sides have no tangible solutions to solve the inequality matrix in the US.

He said that America is in a situation of faux recovery, whereby capitalism is advocated for and will still grow in the future.

Learn more about James: https://jamesgutierrezfintech.medium.com/