Neil Gerrard Work Experience

Neil Gerrard is a highly experienced lawyer. He has worked in cases that span over different jurisdictions. The white-collar crime involves complex networks that spread over several countries. His significant experience in coming up with the right legal representation has made him among the best lawyers who are highly experienced in coming up with the right legal representations. Some of the factors that make Neil Gerrard known all over the world are issues such as:


Experienced lawyer

He has a lot of experience that makes him respected in the industry. There are several high-profile cases that he has represented, and, in most cases, Neil Gerrard has achieved great success. He understands how white-collar crime operates. His experience at Dechert and other areas make him among highly respected lawyers. He is keen to go into details when handling different types of cases. 


White-collar Crime Specialist 

As a white-collar crime specialist, he has worked in companies such as Dechert, among others. He is a hardworking lawyer who goes the extra mile to ensure he delivers the best services in his legal undertakings. Neil Gerrard´s ability to come up with the right legal skills makes him highly preferred. 


UK, EU and US work experience 

Neil Gerrard has experience in different jurisdictions. He knows what it takes to get the best experience as he tackles different legal issues. Many cases spread across the continents where he has participated. In most of them, he has contributed to a great extent in coming up with the right legal action.

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