Robert Kraft’s Contribution To The Success Story Of Patriots Football Team

Robert Kraft, a successful entrepreneur in America, is a mastermind in the world of business. Being a great fan of football, he became CEO of a now-famous Patriots football team in his city, a team which he later acquired.

Since starting his career in the paper industry at Rand Whitney group, Robert Kraft has risen to incredible feats. Sure, this he has done in the same paper industry and many other fields in businesses run by him. His love for football saw him lead the team to win more titles through his excellent leadership skills. However, the success he has achieved can only be attributed to the relentless focus and sound business morals that he has been found to uphold. Additionally, taking risks and believing in oneself are reasons for his immense business success.

Since his breakthrough, Robert Kraft has become a well-known philanthropist in recent years. Supporting numerous nonprofit initiatives such as schools, hospitals and the military through funding is one of his many achievements. This goodwill has been attributed to his and his family’s principles and his belief in equal access to essential public resources.

Moreover, during this COVID -19 pandemic, the Kraft Group has funded hospitals and communities hit by the failing worldwide economy. Therefore, the Kraft group has seen the empowerment of many and ensured discoveries and developments in various fields. The generous contribution of the Kraft group has made him well-known in recent years.

About Robert Kraft

Having been born in Massachusetts in 1941, he attended Brookline High School, Columbia University and finally Harvard Business school, from which he acquired an MBA. He has loved football ever since and was a great fan of AFL in the ’60s. Together with the family, he attended many matches, memories of which he values. He is married to Myra Kraft, daughter of the late Jacob Hiatt. Refer to this article for more information.


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