The Sparkasse Bank Malta Offers a Transparent  Service

Malta has become one of the world’s banking capitals because of its financially-friendly policies. In 2000, the Sparkasse Bank was established in Malta to provide a transparent and friendly service. The Austrian backers of the bank provide financial security and a charter based on good business practices for all customers. Transparent service and ethical approach to business make this a bank that has quickly become a favorite for private individuals and large entities.

The Austrian equity company, AVS, established Sparkasse Bank Malta in 2000. The aim was to bring an ethical approach to the financial sector, with customers understanding the positive transparency on offer. The bank has become a global entity, with a branch opening in the Irish capital, Dublin. The Dublin branch has met the rigorous standards of the Central bank of Ireland. The Sparkasse Bank Malta is permitted to receive deposits for its centrally-managed funds.

Sparkasse Bank Malta is a subsidiary of Sparkasse Bank Austria, which has become one of the most respected in Europe. The links between Sparkasse Bank Malta and its counterparts in Ireland and Austria provide a basis of security for all customers. The bank has built its reputation on the ethical approach it takes to private and business clients. The Sparkasse Bank Malta organization was born from a belief that the financial sector had become too complex. The transparency of the work of the bank gives its customers the chance to enjoy a relaxed approach to banking. The development of Sparkasse Bank shows the morality of customer service can be maintained in the financial sector.

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