Tieks: The Classic Ballet Flats Re-envisioned

Tieks are foldable leather flats that are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The most popular colors include Matte Black, Rouge, Ballerina Pink, Chestnut, California Navy, and Taupe. The brown midsole is flexible yet resilient when bent for long periods of time. All designs come with the signature sky blue rubber soles and stripe at the back of each shoe.

Vegan and most Classic shoes cost $175, and all Minis are available at $135. Some Classic and Print flats along with all Patent pairs cost $195. Print flats typically range from $235 to $295. Instead of offering sales and coupons, Tieks entices patrons with limited-edition footwear that can cost up to $345.

Potential customers can find more information on their official website which offers free US shipping. One can also find genuine pairs on Poshmark and in multiple Facebook groups that sell barely-used options for as little as $100 to $125.

Hand-crafted in Italy with high-quality materials, the hefty price tags of these exquisite shoes are worth it to many satisfied consumers. Each pair even comes with a hand-written note to give a personalized touch. The exceptional customer service team can exchange or return pairs worn indoors. Tieks flats are known to last for years through rain, snow, and sunshine. The Vegan, Classic, Mini, and most Print varieties are also more breathable than the average women’s shoes. See related link to learn more.

Tieks will make great additions to any woman’s wardrobe, from those who want a cute and quick pair to slip on to the adventurous traveler looking to pack light. They pair well with socks and tights. Be sure to regularly polish these whimsical flats to maintain their softness and longevity. The hand-sewn insole provides comfort for the heels, and additional 3D sponge insoles can be used for increased support.


Visit their page on https://tieks.com/, for more information about the company.