Why QNET company is shortlisted as a genuine company and not scam company

It is essential to start by understanding the difference between a scam company and a genuine company. QNET is a direct selling company with over two decades of operation its main offices based in Hong Kong. The company deals with consumer goods, watches, and health devices. The company provided employment to over 1500 people in the past 23 years of its operation.

The main difference between a scam company and an honest company is that one gets a commission for recruiting people in a scam company. In contrast, a genuine company like QNET, a direct selling company, gets money through commission based on the sales of the products or services offered. QNET operates in countries with complicated regulations, which makes sure that the company’s operation is legal. The people working for the company are trained in the ethical practices and professional codes about handling their clients with care. More information about Qnetscam read here.

QNET company does pay taxes to the country government where their operations extend. The fact that the company complies with all the regulations has never been banned from operating in any country. Most scam scheme companies frequently change their name over time for them to hide their past reputation from the public they have defrauded their money and resources.

QNET was founded in 1998 as a gold coin company. The company expanded to offering their services outside the country and added more products. Later the company established e-commerce for this reason. The company shortened its name to be QNET. The company operated with the same name for over two decades, separating it from the scam organizations. The QNET company’s founders are well-known and educated business leaders who have other successful investments. This fact separates QNET from the scam scheme companies, which pop up from nowhere with unknown founders.

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