Blog About Juan Monteverde

Since 2010, Juan Monteverde has been directing the worry from being a leading-tier New York lawyer to the delicate art of yacht ownership and maintenance. In this blog, Juan Monteverde shares everything that he has learned and been trained along the way.

Throughout Juan’s life, he has lived close to water. He has never resisted the alert song of boating, the surf’s movement, and the feeling of a yacht carving through the swell. His father, a skilled boater who owns a 50-foot sailboat, trained him early. His dad gave him an idealist dingy, then later a catamaran. Juan spent most of his youth on the boats, not distant from their home in Spain. His father taught him about the wind, the water, and the knots, which must have gotten to his blood. Also, he was an affiliate of the Barcelona yacht group and spent summers boating there.

Juan Monteverde spent his teenage years in Calafell, their summertime beach hometown, circumnavigating the Mediterranean Sea through the decks of hobby craft and catamarans. For his final year, he exchanged the barriers of a single ocean for the coastline of another. He transferred to Santa Monica, CA, for his high school final year and finished his undergraduate operation close to the glitzy shores of LA. He studied finance and then planned to be a stockbroker, but fate changed his path.

Making ends meet during college, he took some work at a CA law firm. Apart from his menial jobs, his bosses asked him to take part in a dual-week court trial, which changed all. Juan saw how his company won justice for dual migrants who a developer had deceived. He became obsessed with the court, law, and receiving due process for their customers. Something clicked, and he knew he had to chase those feelings.

Juan Monteverde began to search for law schools. He planned to go to New York but was granted a scholarship to a law school in FL. He imagined the near future; he would be learning law amongst the fishing yachts and boats in Miami. He couldn’t say no to that.

The city is evidenced to be a paradise. His studies and a weekly job of 35 hours at international legal training Diaz Reuz had him busy. He couldn’t do more than sense the sea air and creep out for the unique weekend water expedition. It was not until he went to New York and took some work at the company Faruqi and Faruqi that he had enough funds to purchase and retain his first moderate yacht. Juan Monteverde yacht enthusiast, began little with a 26-foot Monterey, which was not enough and needed more. It might not have changed heads at the berth, but it changed his love of boating to a full-fledged enthusiasm. Now that Juan had a yacht, he could not move out of the water.

After creating a partner and working as head of the acquisitions and mergers lawsuit department at Faruqi and Faruqi, he left to establish his own company. He established Monteverde and Associates Pc in order to encounter a need he started to see; a shareholder supporter.

When building his practice, he purchased another yacht of 36-foot Meridian, which he elevated to a 47-foot. The current Juan Monteverde yacht has eventually landed as a 53-foot yacht.