Brandon Hall awards Online Trading Academy Gold.

Brandon Hall awards Online Trading Academy Gold.

Online Trading Academy (OTA) received a Brandon Hall award for leading as the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology. OTA is a leading education and technology provider for retailers.

They won a Gold award from Brandon Hall, which was announced on 9/12/2021. Online Trading Academy is the first Financial Education Company to receive Gold in the Brandon Hall awards.

Since 2016, the company has been working on CliK; an all-in-one integrated education, analysis and trading platform. Using a step-by-step methodology, the platform helps learners understand trade planning, risk management and trading rules.

According to the Group Chief Operating Officer at Brandon Hall, they were impressed to see technology being used to ensure success in human capital management. There have been many similar innovations, but CliK from Online Trading Academy has outdone themselves by creating solutions that drive people to their success in trading and investing.

Details About Online Trading Academy

OTA is a financial education company that provides services to people who want to build their skills, improve their talent and develop their careers in trading and investing in the financial market. The company achieves this by using a step-by-step strategy method. The method contains various strategies that provide insight to traders and investors to make better decisions to achieve their short-term and long-term goals. Anyone enrolling in the academy is guided by well-trained and knowledgeable instructors using advanced online education resources. The setup is usually interactive, and there’s extensive analysis, thanks to the trading platform CliK. OTA’s courses are tailored toward sharpening individual traders and investors. Whether beginners or experienced in the category, the academy imparts knowledge useful in the financial market.

The Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group runs an awards program in Human Capital Management. They are an independent HCM company that conducts research and studies in various areas, including Learning and Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.