Chichi Eburu and Juvias Place Give Grants to Black Owned Businesses

Every month, Chichi Eburu and Juvias Place give grants to black-owned businesses. There are three categories of recipients: “businesses owned by black people”, “black-owned businesses that serve primarily African American patrons”, and “other types of organizations”.

However, the process for being awarded grants is extremely competitive. To enter the competition, one must apply online in late January (only open to entrepreneurs with a minimum of six months experience). Applications are then submitted to a panel of judges made up of members from both Chichi Eburu and Juvias Place as well as invited community members.

Temporary grants range from $1000-$2000 per month depending on the type and size of business. The overall goal of the grant program is to promote healthy business growth and the further development of black-owned businesses in San Jose.

San Jose City Councilwoman Chichi Eburu

“The grants are made to support local black-owned institutions,” said Eburu, who is also a member of Juvias Place. “Since I was elected 7 years ago, I have tried to do as much as I can for people in my community to help improve their quality of life. This is one more way that I can bring benefits to my community and help them. It’s also a way of saying thank you for the work these people do and how they make contributions to our community.”

Juvias Place has three main functions:

“There are two types of businesses involved in the grant program each month. The first are the ‘businesses owned by black people’ category, which includes restaurants, beauty salons, barbershops, body shops and grocery stores. They must have some connection to African or African American culture; for instance, a beauty salon that does natural hair services or a grocery store that supplies local residents with fresh produce from their farms. The second are the ‘black-owned businesses that serve primarily African-American patrons,’ which includes barbershops, clothing stores and beauty salons. They must be easily accessible to the black community

The third category is for other types of organizations. Those include business, education and community organizations that promote economic development; those that advocate community empowerment; and those that promote cultural expression.”

With grants ranging from $1000-$2000 per month depending on the type and size of business, being awarded grants allows businesses to develop and improve services.