Dechert LLP, Innovation and Intuition facing White Collar Crime

In today’s political and financial world, hardly a day goes by without some unsavory story of white collar crime gracing the front page of a newspaper or website. One would almost believe that it is the never-ending goal of the media to destroy corporate structure and financial institutions unless they support the correct candidate of course. Dechert, one of the world’s leading legal organizations, founded in 1875, employs a team of more than 1000 lawyers worldwide to help in these tumultuous times. Today let us look at the new innovation partnership with IDEO and how it can help move toward the new challenges facing white collar workers and the new world in which they now operate.


The Innovation Project with IDEO will be instituted during the third quarter of 2021 and has four specific goals. The goals are to work on creative problem solving with white collar crime, a client centric approach to legal matters, common sense pricing and matter management techniques, and digital literacy. Dechert hopes to achieve these goals with one thing at the top of mind, the client’s viewpoint. When it comes to Financial Institutions and Corporations, it offers legal advice grounded in broad market knowledge. The firm ensures to offer extraordinary services.


As the world has shifted Dechert chooses to look at the advances in technology not as an adversary but as a means to solve hitherto unsolvable or unseen problems. With 24 law offices around the world, the company is looking forward to this challenge. With necessity being the mother of invention, it is time to look at how the technological surge has affected the landscape of all businesses. As Dechert’s CEO, Henry Nassau, points out, the goal of innovation is not only improving the workplace, but also to improve the value that Dechert can provide to its clients. It is worth mentioning in closing that Dechert performs many of its services pro bono in a world that is honestly greedy.

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