Haroldo Jacobovicz  his career in information technology

Haroldo Jacobovicz, an experienced civil engineer and very successful Brazilian entrepreneur, has shown great passion in transforming the power of technology. Through that passion, he has demonstrated much and inspired him to start Horizon Telecom, which got founded in 2010 that got aimed at providing information solutions.

Horizon Telecom has grown to the most reputable company in telecommunication in supplying fiber networks by 100 %. It has always used multi-point and advanced equipment’s which has made redundancy to stabilize. In addition, in 2020, they launched a data center that enhanced cloud capabilities and connectivity in most businesses and organizations.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s career journey has always shown in a windy path instead of how many businesses do on straight roads. Through this, he has managed to found other organizations, which include: e-Governe Group together with Horizons Datacenter and Horizons Telecom.

All these companies work with the primary function of providing solutions to the problems emanating from information technology. The answers aim to provide strategic resources and talent to many through analyzing data and getting to the industry to drive data. Haroldo Jacobovicz always sees himself much as naturally intuitive who always credits much success in innovation. Haroldo Jacobovicz for him when he sees anything that catches his attention turns out to him as rational explanation and ends up as potential. Mostly he always looks in the business and thus makes help him develop ideas to pitch to them and what they might need.

In 2013 he followed his intuition and invested in fort Hard Rock Café in Brazil, which the original investor left. It made him tackle a much hands-on role in ensuring proper plans that made the café hire and made the business established before selling in 2018. Haroldo Jacobovicz, having concentrated much on technology, always makes very innovative products that will satisfy customers’ needs. Moreover, he always ensures they provide daily solutions to the business to improve people’s lives.

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