JD.com Founder Richard Liu On Building A Company With A Mission

The wild success of JD.com has allowed Richard Liu Qiangdong to build a company with a mission, meaning that he can impact online shoppers’ lives in China. Richard Liu has a unique perspective on business. In addition to its online marketplace, JD.com offers a wide range of products and services to help small businesses succeed.

 Why JD.com Choose to Focus on Developing The Community

Richard Liu says the company’s focus is empowering the community because the firm believes that’s what is essential. JD.com was founded to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable consumption and focuses on product quality, customer service, delivery speed, and price comparison.

The company operates online stores in China and internationally, selling products through its website. JD.com strives to positively impact people by providing innovative products and services that help them achieve their goals. Liu Qiangdong and his team are committed to creating an environment where everyone can be successful and feel respected.

Qiangdong believe in empowering employees to take ownership of their careers and work towards common goals. This approach has helped JD.com build a strong foundation for future growth, and success.JD.com is committed to providing a better shopping experience for its customers. It has a mission to make it comfortable for people to find and buy the things they need and have healthier food.


Richard Liu is passionate about the importance of company culture, setting a clear goal, and continuing to grow the business to fulfill its mission. He also emphasizes how important it is to invest in technology so that JD can continue to surfacing its customers with the best possible shopping experience. Richard Liu is credited with spearheading JD.com’s growth and success. He is known for his relentless focus on customer satisfaction and his innovative approach to e-commerce. Refer to this page article for more information.


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