Juan Monteverde is a Lawyer

Juan Monteverde is a lawyer who left a successful legal practice to teach and explore the world. In 2008 he left his home in Paris to backpack around the world with little more than a knapsack and a book of Spanish phrases. After cycling through Turkey and stowing away on cargo ships in southeastern Asia, Monteverde arrived in South Africa a year ago.”

His Achievements

Juan Monteverde, in law school, served on the editorial board of the [YALE LAW JOURNAL], one of the highest journals in the field. In his final year, he successfully argued and won an appeal before the French Supreme Court, defending his client from jail time for possessing a plant for recreational use. He has worked in civil rights cases of French citizens of Algerian descent charged by authorities with ties to terrorism.

After being awarded the Marie Curie Prize for best graduate in his field, Monteverde put down his law books to complete a Ph.D. on a topic little explored by Western scholars: the philosophical and legal aspects of social entrepreneurship. His thesis focused on how the nonprofit sector can be used as a tool for social justice and development in developing countries.

He became involved with social entrepreneurship after discovering the work of Dr. Cesar Chavez. The latter founded the United Farm Workers union and spent years protesting against unfair labor practices in California grape fields.

Monteverde teaches courses on the subject at the University of Paris. He is currently working with an international association of academics and activists to create an ethical, social entrepreneurship curriculum for third world universities.”

Mr. Monteverde’s life gives enough background information on social entrepreneurship that anybody would be able to find more information on this issue. It also contains a brief biography of his work with the UFW as an organizer giving readers an excellent idea of how he was working with poor people and fighting for their rights in one of the poorest countries in Latin America, being a lawyer at the same time.