Robert Bull Encourages Downsizing Over Equity Release

With a natural call to provide ready solutions to his company’s target market, RoyaleLife, Robert Bull ventured into bungalow development to cater to people’s lives after retirement. This niche had attracted very few developers, for many were in other fields of real estate.

After attaining forty-five plus years, you start eyeing the vulnerable group that needs a lot of peace in their retirement life. This is not attainable if one is stressed about how to clear the home’s maintenance costs with the little they have, especially if they had to retire early due to the pandemic that has left many jobless.

Since they may need extra cash to live the lifestyle of their dreams, they may consider several financial strategies: common one being equity release, which is highly discouraged by an expert in real estate Robert Bull. An equity release is a loan taken on the value of one’s home that is paid later, hence different from a mortgage loan.

Though they will buy valuables they wished to own like a car or live a luxurious life, the burden of clearing the loan and its accrued interest is passed to their loved ones. Since they cannot pay from their pockets, they will have to sell the home you treasured to clear the loan, and this may leave them with nothing to inherit from.

To avoid straining the people you love and live a luxurious retirement life, Robert Bull of RoyaleLife has the best solution: Downsizing. As explained by Robert Bull, the good thing with downsizing is that it will strengthen your financial edge, give you a home you can pass to your generation, and help you do something you like, including going for that dream holiday.

UK-based residents are lucky to have RoyaleLife bungalows in their reach, which are luxurious and equipped with quality and latest appliances.

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