Saying good bye using technology-driven service Eterneva

Every individual grieves in their own way, however, the process of dealing with it is a way of moving forward. Adelle Archer, started the Eterneva company with the company’s purpose to help people with the journey of overcoming grief or dealing with the loss of a loved one. The company Helps the grieved by turning a portion of the remains to carbon and engrave it to a diamond. They can be engraved either in a ring, neckless, or any piece of jewellery.

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Eterneva was founded in 2016 by Archer and Ozar. A cremation – Diamond company aimed at using direct-to-consumer philosophy. They use aesthetics and ethos in the death care industry. Currently, the company is working towards expansion by pursuing series A funding by partnering with funeral homes to introduce a technology-driven service.

According to Archer, the brand not only offers a product but a service as well. The recent partnership with FedEx is to facilitate the mailing of ashes or hairpieces and for pets some fur. The partnership will also assist in the chain of custody during the mailing remains to the Austin headquarters. The process involves carbon extraction that is then purified in the same way a lab diamond is processed.

During the process, employees at company, share the process with the client through videos., the process is a progression of between seven to nine months. Depending on the family’s rituals, the way they welcome the loved one is completely dependent on them. The company thrives through their number of employees that help with the work.

Though the cremation diamond concept is not entirely new, Eterneva is the first company that is actively showcasing and advertising on Tik-tok. Thus it’s the only company in the death care space that is taking its brand directly to its consumer. Click the link to learn more:

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