The Four Different Modules For IM Academy

Forex Trading has been one of the online businesses that most people nowadays are shifting to. To help Forex enthusiasts, some of the foreign exchange experts and other entrepreneurs who are independent decided to launch an academy that will equip these enthusiasts with the necessary skills needed in the trade.

In 2013, this team launched the IM Academy with the primary goal of providing them with a platform that is accessible and also a training program that is interactive to train the enthusiasts. Their lessons are offered through the use of information-based applications, live sessions with IM Academy tutors, and recorded videos.

IM Academy is a combination of four different modules used for learning.

They include the FRX Academy. This academy teaches its students some of the basics of Forex trading through live sessions and videos. It consists of 76 videos of the same module that teach the fundamentals of Forex, such as definition, history, and understanding, among other things. The second module is the HFX Academy. It teaches learners about the exchange of high-frequency signals. It covers the basics of HFX, like definitions, methods, types, and other basics of HFX that learners should learn. It has a total of 95 videos and a test at the end.

The third module is the DCX Academy. It explains to learners the meaning of digital currency exchange and equips them with the basics needed to trade with DCX. It includes an introduction to DCX, types of DCX, and other different types of trading, among others. The DCX Academy has a total of only 25 modules and a quiz at the end of each module. Lastly, the ECX is the last academy for the IM Academy. The main goal for this is to teach about e-commerce. It equips students with the knowledge of how to start an online business and ways to manage the business. Refer to this article for more information.


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