The Successful Real Estate CEO Michael Patrick Carroll

CARROLL and LCOR are highly valued real estate investment companies with a reputation in recapitalization, acquisitions, and development. Michael Patrick Carroll is the president and a humanitarian of the non-government real estate firm established in 2004. He is dazzled by how LCOR has managed to upgrade his organization’s position in the market. The two companies are using this advantage to expand and broaden their portfolios.

Successful partnership

Recently, in the past year, the two firms have explored the sunbelt Region, thus making them famous. CARROLL has concentrated in multifamily units, and M. Patrick Carroll has followed its demand all through different economic periods. The new developments in Sunbelt plus acquisition and recapitalization have built a strong rapport and strengthened trust between the teams. As a result, they achieved recapitalization of Tortuga Pointe by ARIUM and ARIUM Morgan Falls, the project that was valued at $200 million.

Why the Collaboration works

CARROL is famous for its management style, whereas LCOR has been successful in the development stage. Michael Patrick Carroll believes that their partnership works because they have a similar mind approach with LCOR. In addition, M. Patrick Carroll does not always take the lead; instead, he lets another person with talent and instincts take charge.

Successful projects

The two firms have acquired Tortuga Pointe in St. Petersburg in 2020 and The Cascade at Morgan Falls, and the Fountains at Morgan Falls Communities at Sandy Springs, currently known as ARIUM Morgan Falls.


LCOR is happy to collaborate with M. Patrick Carroll since both share similar values and both the companies envision compelling opportunities to come. The two organizations have already proved to be capable of being in a partnership. M Patrick Carrols remembers how significant his team is before deciding anything concerning the company.

The headquarter offices for CARROLL are in Atlanta, with other Houston, Raleigh, New York, and Tampa offices. With over 15 years in operation, the firm has expertise in everything, including fund and asset management. Currently, the company is managing 30000 multifamily units in seven states.

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