Tim Murawski and his Accomplishments to Augmedics Company

Tim Murawski is a competent businessman and the president of Augmedics company. Because of his knowledge in medicine and surgery, he has worked with other companies to provide solutions to doctors. Tim Murawski was also the manager of the regional sales director before being elected as the Chief Commercial Officer of the Augmedics company. He has improved the medical facility through his work commitments by saving lives through technology.

Augmedics is known worldwide for providing devices that help surgical doctors when operating their patients. The data provided from the apparatus allows the doctors to determine whether they should continue with surgery during emergencies or not because of its ability to detect danger during the procedure. The company is located outside Chicago, and it’s among the best companies when it comes to dealing with robotic devices. 

Healthcare expert and businessman Tim Murawski has played a great role in supplying these devices to hospitals, saving lives. He has also spent many years mastering robots and how they can help when conducting surgery procedures. He also went through training in robotic medical fields, where he gained all the knowledge that is being applied through the devices he created. Tim Murawski is also a degree holder from the University of Western Illinois, where he completed his studies in 1985. 

Apart from the love of his job, he is also a hard-working man at home who likes taking care of his family. His technical knowledge has made him recognized by many companies, and some are even working with him to improve the medical institute and the patient experience within the healthcare industry. As Tim Murawski states, the Augmedics company has also launched its number one project, the xvision spine system. The device will help many doctors perform successful surgeries using 3D visions, which are good and safe to use.