Tom Chang MD Talks About the Importance of Patient Education

If patients want to take control of their health, Dr. Tom Chang believes that change must begin with patient education. For patients, education is key to preventing illness. It is common for patients to delay bringing concerns to their doctor and omit concerns during their eye healthcare appointment. If a patient knows how to explain their concerns, they can play a key role in a quick and accurate diagnosis Tom Chang MD explains. Dr. Tom Chang urges patients to listen to their bodies, and speak up about what feels different or uncomfortable. 


The patient is typically the first line of defense against issues before they worsen and happens at any kind of disease. It is important not to minimize concerns or symptoms. Even if nothing seems amiss, it is still important to schedule regular doctor visits for checkups. Dr. Chang’s ophthalmology practice takes this a step further by checking in with patients about their conditions or treatments in between appointments (Vitals). 


It is easier for patients to discuss their concerns when they feel comfortable communicating with their doctor. Patients should feel comfortable asking questions and calling when they require guidance. Dr. Chang recommends asking your doctor for additional educational resources about your concerns. Most importantly, the ophthalmologist says that patients should be their own best advocates. For Tom Chang MD, if something feels wrong, ensure that your doctor is properly investigating the cause. This can help patients and doctors catch diseases in early, more treatable stages. Patients can also advocate for themselves at home by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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